Project Purpose

Upon reading an article about Robert Frank's work  The Americans, an overly ambitious, creatively driven, twenty-something girl in the midst of a new career in marketing, decided she wanted to recreate and update exactly what Frank had done 55 years earlier.  That is, she desired to travel across the US taking pictures of Americans in their daily lives; no set, no artificial lighting, no falsehoods.  50 states in 52 weeks starting in January 2011 with a concentration on the more rural areas of each state. 

After realizing the enormous cost involved with such a feat (coupled with a sincere appreciation for corporately supported health insurance, regardless of how minimal), she decided to alter the project in ways that would fit the times as well as her corporate schedule. 

Because technology has now advanced much beyond what it was in Frank's day, the work of the Modern Americans Project will mainly be expressed in a photoblog with the essential goal of having enough significance in American History to produce a book.  At times we will also be accompanied by a videographer or simply bring our own miniature camcorder to document people and places. 

Our goal is essentially to sleep on the couches/floors/guest beds of friends, family, family friends, or friends of friends.  This will not only help us keep our costs down but also allow us to be more deeply engaged with the communities into which we venture.  As we are limiting our trip mainly to the weekends, we have limited time to fumble around asking for advice on local haunts.  This is where we are hoping our loyal readers will give us a hand.  Make suggestions, send us information, and share your connections.  We want to hear stories that haven't had the chance to escape their rural homes.

We look forward to your support and meeting many wonderful people!

~The Modern Americans team